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VMI Toyota Sienna Handicap Van Conversion

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Phoenix-based Vantage Mobility International has signed an agreement with Toyota Motor Sales USA to convert the Japanese automaker’s Sienna minivan into a wheelchair-accessible vehicle using the patented Northstar in-floor ramp system.

The agreement, which went into effect Aug. 23, makes VMI an official Toyota partner and provides access to the automaker’s supply chain. That means VMI will receive vehicles directly from Toyota to modify, said VMI President Doug Eaton.

Sienna conversions have long been a demand of VMI’s customers, Eaton said. The deal has been in the works for more than a year.

VMI will begin accepting consumer orders for a limited number of the 2012-13 model Toyota Sienna VMI Northstar minivan conversions through authorized dealers beginning Oct. 1.

VMI projects a production boost of roughly 20 percent at its facility, Eaton said, adding the company will look to expand its production line workforce by about that amount to meet the demand.

VMI has spent $450,000 on about 150 tools that will be needed for the conversions, Eaton said.

VMI has a similar arrangement with Honda Motor Co. and performs wheelchair modifications on Dodge and Chrysler minivans.

VMI sells through a nationwide dealer network, but does have one company-owned store in town, Eaton said.

In essence, what the conversions entail is lowering the floor to provide adequate room for a wheelchair-bound driver. The floor is lowered 14 inches and a ramp is installed to allow a wheelchair to enter the vehicle.

“They can drive from the wheelchair or transfer from the wheelchair,” Eaton said. “It’s very modular the way the interior is set up.”

Toyota handicap accessible vans

Honda Odyssey wheelchair vans have quickly become a top seller for VMI, in part due to their stylish apearance. However, there is more than meets the eye to these mobility van conversions, and wheelchair access in a Honda Odyssey minivan is unlike any other.

toyota sienna
Toyota Sienna with VMI Northstar Conversion
The VMI Northstar wheelchair van conversion on Toyota Sienna minivans represents the newest evolution ofhandicap minivans from Vantage Mobility International. Most amenities originally in these minivans is retained, and a power in-floor wheelchair ramp and lowered floor form the foundation for one of the best wheelchair vehicles in America.

Toyota in-floor ramp vans

To satisfy our customers’ needs for additional interior space and a clean, obstruction-free accessible vehicle interior, VMI pioneered the development of the Northstar in-floor wheelchair ramp system for the Honda Odyssey minivan. After almost two decades of refinement, the Northstar remains the most technologically advanced handicap ramp system on the market. Instead of taking up space inside the handicap vehicle, the Northstar wheelchair ramp simply rolls out from beneath the floor. When one considers the advantages of the Northstar in-floor wheelchair ramp system, there is no question why the Northstar is far and away VMI’s best-selling product.

Toyota Sienna with VMI Northstar details and specifications:

NEW – Access360 design with more space to enter and maneuver inside the mobility van
NEW – Access360 design allows for more flexibility and ease of use
Obstruction-free doorway allows easy entry/exit for able-bodied passengers
Clean, uncluttered handicapped vehicle interior
Greater safety in the event of a collision
Less dirt and debris from in-floor ramp into wheelchair accessible vehicle interior
Wider usable accessible wheelchair ramp surface
No interference with factory seats or controls
Full use of front passenger seat
Obstacle-free front row floor
Ramp stowed safely under floor in the event of a collision
9" more floor length than any other Toyota Sienna conversion on the market today

Door opening height - 57"
Door opening width - 30.5"
Interior height at center position - 61.8"
Interior height at driver/passenger position - 60.5" w/o sunroof and 58.25" w/sunroof
Length (from back of seat bases to kickplate) - 65.5"
Overall floor length - 95"
Floor width at B pillar - 61.5"
Floor width at front doors - 60.3"
Ramp length (angled ramp and transition plate) - 58.75"
Usable ramp width - 30"
Maximum floor drop - 14 7/8"
Ramp angle with PowerKneel™ on - 8.5º
Ramp capacity - 800 lbs

Toyota Sienna with VMI Northstar only

Ultra-low 8.0° accessible ramp angle
800lb. wheelchair ramp capacity
Sure Deploy backup system allows users to stow or deploy the mobility ramp van conversion even in the event of complete power failure
Manual secondary backup system for additional peace of mind
Toyota Sienna with Northstar AND Summit
Full-power ramp and conversion
12.75” drop FLEX Floor maximizes headroom and interior space for wheelchair maneuverability
Patented independent rear suspension designed to preserve Honda ride quality and performance
E-coated floor for maximum corrosion resistance
NEW, ultra-reliable hydraulic PowerKneel system lowers the minivan to reduce ramp angle
Seamless integration with Honda Odyssey electronics prevents damage to vehicle/conversion
Conversion control through Honda keyfob and interior sliding-door switches
Halo-lit, one-touch interior conversion button
Ramp ON/OFF switch allows users to disable all conversion features for guest drivers, valets, car wash attendants, etc., and open sliding doors for able-bodied passengers without deploying the ramp
NEW lightweight, removable front seats are easier to install or remove
NEW quick-release straps allow users to remove front seats in seconds without removing plastic covers or searching for handles/pedals beneath the seat
Non-skid handicapped ramp surface
Fully crash-tested and compliant with all government safety standards
3-year/36,000-mile warranty

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