Easyspin RF 360 New!

The Easyspin RF360 utilizes precise radio frequencies to operate up to 6 secondary functions wirelessly from the stylish and ergonomic spinner.

Easyspin RF360

Innovation Not Imitation

The Spinmaster spinner knob and Easyspin indicator system have been the standard in one-handed steering for more than a decade but our drive to improve and refine led us to supersede these proven performers. While inheriting the distinctive characteristics of its predecessors; featuring durable construction, smooth and reliable operation, and quick release mechanism, as well as the original and unique Spinmaster steering wheel clamp, the Easyspin RF360 ups the ante with its own innovative features.

Suits Any Vehicle Wiring Configuration

The standard configuration for the Easyspin RF360, VAC6, can include up to 6 vehicle accessory controls in only one mode of operation. With 6 functions you can cover operation of all frequently used accessories such as indicators, headlights, horn, washers and sequential wipers. You can also control non-essential vehicle accessories such as electric windows , tiptronic gear shifting, cruise control and integrated phone controls while maintaining quick access to those frequently used accessories.

The user can alter the button configuration at any time to suit their needs. Simultaneously holding two buttons for a couple of seconds will instantly swap their functions. Any button, any function, total flexibility.

The design of the Easyspin RF360 with its integrated buttons and unique hammerhead shape has been created specifically to fit your hand's ergonomics. It didn't happen by accident, over 18 months were spent undertaking research, development and testing with designers, occupational therapists and clients. It also features a soft rubber overlay grip for your comfort.


•Ergonomic shape and soft overlay rubber grip for your comfort
•Operate up to 6 functions
•Supported by the world renowned Spinmaster steering wheel clamp, known for providing superior durability and gripping strength without damaging your steering wheel
•Features a quick release function so that it may be removed at any time with the press of a button, allowing unrestricted access for other drivers
•Strong, robust design, constructed from heavy-duty mining-grade injection molded glass filled UV resistant nylon to withstand years of regular use
•2 years battery life with LED low battery warning light, easily accessed battery slide and life-extending sleep mode

Mechanical Hand Controls


The original and the best, the Sure Grip Push/Rock system, has become known for its comfort, precision and overall safety.

Unlike other hand controls styles, the push/rock system puts the operating handle in a vertical position; the driver eases the handle back to accelerate and pushes forward to brake. This unique rocking motion allows full-range braking and acceleration with minimal hand travel while keeping the hand in a natural position.

Sure Grip’s Push/Rock controls are known for having the easiest gas in the industry today thus, allowing for hours of fatigue free driving. The push/rock style will give you the driving experience you have been longing for.

Sure Grip hand control designs prevents contact with legs or knees at higher speeds. The upright handle also allows the installation of controls in smaller vehicles or tight spaces other controls would not fit. Controls do not impede pedal use.


The Sure Grip Push/Pull hand control uses the same movement to apply the gas and brake as other Push/Pull controls; however the pivot point for the Sure Grip control is on the left-hand side of the wheel close to the handle, this allows for a shorter stroke and greater leverage. In addition to the pivot point, the handles position is at a slight angle, an angle that makes a big difference to the driver. The benefits of Sure Grip’s unique Push/Pull hand control design include:

•Less strain on fingers and thumb
•Flexible hand positions for lower fatigue and cramping while driving
•The ability for both hands to keep contact with the steering wheel

In addition to the benefits enjoyed as a result of the handle and its position, drivers will also appreciate the other features that Sure Grip’s Push/Pull offers including:

•Superior pedal feel, with constant acceleration and no “dead spots”
•Limited modifications to the vehicles dash

Push/Right Angle

Unlike other Push Right/Angle controls, the Sure Grip Push Right/Angle’s body doesn’t pivot or move when the accelerator is applied. The pivot point for the Sure Grip control is on the left-hand side of the wheel, and only the handle pivots. A stationary main body has many benefits for the driver including:

Increased leg room for getting in and out of the vehicle, as many installs allow brake rod to pass through the dash
Full acceleration without the control hitting the drivers lap
Greater two-handed contact with the steering wheel due to the shortened stroke of the handle
In addition to the benefits enjoyed as a result of the stationary main body, drivers will also appreciate the other features that Sure Grip’s Push Right/Angle offers including:

•Superior pedal feel, with constant acceleration and no “dead spots”
•Lower fatigue while driving
•Limited modifications to the vehicles dash


Pivot Point

The Sure Grip Push/Twish control uses the same motorcycle style acceleration as other Push/Twist controls, but has an auxiliary handle that makes the twisting motion easier and allows for longer, more comfortable driving.

In addition to the unique benefits enjoyed with our other hand controls, such as increased leg room and ease of use, drivers will also appreciate the other features that the Sure Grip Push/Twist offers including:

•Superior pedal feel, with constant acceleration and no “dead spots”
•Lower fatigue while driving
•Limited modifications to the vehicles dash
•Easier braking

AutoLock is an accelerator lock out device that comes standard on all of Sure Grip’s hand controls, and is an added safety feature for the driver or those that share the vehicle. With the push of a button or knob, the accelerator function of the hand control can be disabled and help prevent accidents through misuse of the control by mechanics, valets or any other unqualified user.Autolock is available in both electronic and manual formats.

Sure Grip Recreation

Sure Grip hand control users now have the option of adding the Push/Rock style of driving to their favorite recreation vehicles. Sure Grip has developed easy installation applications for many of the nation’s top selling side-by-sides, go carts and golf carts.

The Handling You Need

Sure Grip has always given its users great control of their vehicles. Now that Sure Grip has hand controls designed specifically for smaller off-road vehicles that same control can be enjoyed wherever you decide to go.
Unlike other hand controls Sure Grip’s handle is in the vertical position, which gives precision control and the ability to drive with both hands on the wheel. With two hands on the wheel, drivers have the control needed when headed off the beaten path.

Recreational vehicle hand controls work with the following:

Side-by Sides

•Kawasaki Mule-Product # R100
•Kubota 500-Product # R101
•Kawasaki Teryx-Product # R102
•Arctic Cat Prowler-Product #R103
•Polaris RZR-Product # R104
•Bobcat 2300-5600 Series-Product #R105
•Polaris Ranger-Product #R106
•Honda Big Red-Product #R107
•Kubota RTV 900-1140 Series-Product #R108
•Can Am Commander-Product #R109
•John Deere Gator-Product #R110
•Yamaha Rhino-Product #R112


•Yamaha-Product # R118
•E-Z-Go-Product # R118
•Club Car-Product # R118

Go-Carts: please call.