Sure Deploy

VMI introduces a new electronic primary backup system. The SURE DEPLOY* gives the customer a simple way to operate the VMI Northstar In-Floor ramp when the standard electronic control system is not functioning.

As of July 1, 2007 all Chrysler/Dodge minivans with the Northstar in-floor ramp, are being produced with the SURE DEPLOY installed as standard equipment.


•It bypasses the VMI 5 control system as well as other existing system elements

•A backup battery, independent of the vehicle 12V system provides continuous power to the SURE DEPLOY system

•The backup battery is charged from the vehicle electrical system using a built in “smart” charger and charges primarily when the vehicle is running

•Eliminates physical exertion required by the customer to operate the manual crank to deploy the Northstar ramp

•Operation is controlled by a simple mounted key pad strategically located to be easily accessible from either inside or outside of the vehicle, on the
C Pillar

•Basic protections are built into the controls to prevent inadvertent operation and to prevent children from easily operating the now primary backup system

•In a recent product demonstration, 9 out of 10 dealers recommended that VMI offer the SURE DEPLOY as standard equipment.

Detailed Brochure PDF

* Patent Pending