Service Inspection For Wheelchair Accessible Vans


Often, customers do not realize that the equipment that makes their vehicle wheelchair or scooter accessible needs routine maintenance just like the rest of their vehicle. Keeping mobility equipment regularly serviced is just as important as getting the oil changed in your car. Automotive Innovations is here for all your wheelchair ramp and lift maintenance and repair needs.

We offer adaptive equipment service. We can take care of almost any mobility-related installation, maintenance or repair situation. We carry an ample supply of Braun, VMI, Ricon, and other brand-name parts for common repairs. Our dedicated parts department can also have any necessary components ordered and delivered prior to your scheduled visit.

Every vehicle needs maintenance on a periodic basis, and a wheelchair-accessible vehicle is no exception. Do you take your van to a regular mechanic occasionally for oil changes and tune-ups and then a mobility dealer for the adaptive equipment check-up every six months?
Going to two different places when you don’t need to is poor time management. For smooth operation of your time, handicap van and adaptive equipment, skip the mechanic and take it to a mobility dealer—many can do both in just one trip.

Do you offer on-site repairs for wheelchair vans?
Yes. Automotive Innovations Massachusetts's highly trained and certified Service Technicians are available to fix any issues that you might be having with your wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Scheduled Maintenance for Accessible Vans

Preventive maintenance plays a crucial part in the continued trouble-free operation of your adaptive equipment. All maintenance checks and repairs need to be pre-scheduled in advance. A scheduled check-up should be completed every six months. Most appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday during normal business hours. Please call us at 508-697-6006 to schedule your next service appointment.

Service Inspection for Wheelchair Accessible Minivans

Check overall operating condition (abnormal noises, binding, grinding)
Clean and lube ramp hinges
Check tightness of ramp motor bolts /hinge bolts / rivets
Lubricate ramp pivot pin and bushings
Inspect and lubricate ramp drive arm
Operate ramp to ensure proper stow deploy switch adjustment
Verify manual operation of ramp
Clean door track & floor. ensure drain holes are free of debris (lubricate all door hinges and locks)
Check door alignment and insure correct operation
Check sliding door harness for damage and proper operation
Inspect door operation cables
Inspect door full open switch
Test battery
Check kneel system operation, lubricate kneel chain &rollers
Verify operation of conversion with all switches and remotes
Check and adjust air tire pressure as posted on “b” pillar
Vacuum floor / clean ramp
Inspect and test transfer or jump-seat operation, check all wiring for proper routing and condition
Inspect wheel chair tie-downs manual or power (check belt condition, operation, floor track condition, tie down bolts, operation, remove worn edges on bottom side, safety inter-lock including emergency release.)
All interior and external lighting (including third brake light)

Service Inspections for Wheelchair Lifts and Commercial Vans

Check overall operating condition [abnormal noises, binding, grinding]Check control pendant (damaged pendent, insulation damage on cable, tightness of connectors)
Check electrical wiring (frayed wires, chaffed wires, loose connections)
Check vehicle interlock (operation during non-interlock mode)
Check hand rails (handrail fasteners are properly tightened)
Check lift mounts and support points (free of damage, all sufficiently tightened)
Check main lift pivot (traveling frame pins are properly installed, excessive wear, and locked into place)
Check platform and platform attachment points (proper operation during lift function without obstruction, check platform for level ride)
Check inner roll-stop (operation during lift function, and at floor level)
Check platform roll-stop (operation upon ground contact)
Check hydraulic power unit and hydraulic system (fluid level, visible leaks, back up pump released valve, hydraulic cylinder[s] for leakage)
Clean and lubricate (clean then lubricate all moving parts, including door tracks and rollers and hinges and OEM door locks)
Test battery
Clean and check all battery cables and connections (apply anti-corrosive)
Check all manual back up systems for proper operations
Inspect and test jump or transfer seat operation, check all wiring for proper routing and condition. (clean roller tracks, lubricate all moving parts, check floor tie down bolts )
Inspect wheel chair tie-downs manual or power (check belt condition, operation, floor track condition, tie down bolts, operation, remove worn edges on bottom side, safety inter-lock, including emergency release)
All interior and external lighting (including third brake light)