Protect Your Investment With Extended Service Protection


Secondary to your home, your automobile is one of the biggest investments you make. At Automotive Innovations, we only sell accessible vehicles that are designed and manufactured to the highest standards, but the parts that make these accessible vehicles up are very complex and are increasingly expensive to repair.

Have you considered Extended Service Protection?

Automotive Innovations offers service plans that cover your accessible vehicle’s chassis and conversion up to 10 model years old. By purchasing an extended service plan today, you protect yourself from having to pay for costly repairs in the future.

Did you know that replacing your ramp motor can cost more than $1,000? Replacing a door operator will cost nearly $2,000.

Our comprehensive plans can cover most major repairs on your converted vehicle.

Don’t get caught without this valuable protection.

Let us know If you’re interested in purchasing one of the Extended Service Protection plans that we have to offer and would like a free quote.