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dodge grand caravan with vmi northstar conversion

VMI Dodge

The VMI Northstar on a Dodge Grand Caravan is the result of the progressive engineering approach at VMI. Vantage Mobility International has included a multitude of accessible features on these wheelchair conversion vehicles. Items like Power Kneel, power in-floor ramp, and remote control activation make them the perfect choice for disability transportation.

Dodge Grand Caravans with the VMI Northstar mobility van conversion represent wheelchair access taken to a whole new level. VMI Northstar wheelchair conversion vans have been around since 1993 and has always been a crucial element to Vantage Mobility International's product line.

Disabled access plays a major role in every aspect, from design to manufacturing. Featuring a power sliding passenger door and in-floor wheelchair ramp, the VMI Northstar handicap vehicle conversion is a great solution for disability travel.

The driveability for a wheelchair user is one of the most vital components of the Dodge Grand Caravan with the VMI Northstar mobility conversion van. Simple installation of hand controls, transfer seat, or other mobility driving aid can transform the VMI Northstar equipped Dodge Grand Caravan into a disabled driving system.

Dodge in-floor ramp vans

VMI first developed the Northstar handicap van conversion in the early 1990's to meet customer preferences for increased interior space. To this day, the VMI Northstar on the Dodge Grand Caravan minivan remains one of the best mobility ramp vans in America. By sliding out of a space below the floor, the Northstar mobility ramp maximizes space inside the accessible vehicle. There are so many benefits of an in-floor wheelchair ramp, it is easily understood why its so popular.

Dodge Caravan with VMI Northstar details and specifications:

Interior handles, and switches, buttons are easily accessed
Front passenger seat retains regular functions
No additional noise from handicap ramp
In the event of an accident, the accessible ramp is under the floor-not inside the mobility van
Works on curbs up to 10 inches tall
Increased maneuverability due to greater space inside the accessible van
Ramp-free doorway allows easy entry/exit for ambulatory passengers
Minimized handicapped van conversion wear and tear (fewer wheelchair ramp cycles to load/unload additional passengers)
Uncluttered and clean wheelchair vehicle interior
Mobility vehicle interior gets less dirt inside
Increased handicapped ramp width
Maximum Floor Drop - 11"
Handicap Vehicle Ground Clearance - 5.5"
Door Opening Width - 31.25"
Door Opening Height - 55.25"
Usable Mobility Ramp Width - 29.25"
Wheelchair Ramp Length - 44"
Length from Back Seats to Kickplate - 58"
Overall Floor Length - 85.5"
Floor Width at Front Doors - 61"
Interior Height at Driver & Passenger Positions (Without Sunroof) - 57.25"
Interior Height at Center Position - 58.5"
Steering Wheel Bottom to Floor - 29.5"
Measured Down from Front Edge of Steering Wheel to Front Kick-Up - 16.25"

Northstar Only

Extremely-low 8.0° handicapped ramp angle
Sure Deploy backup system leaves accessible van conversion usable even with power failure
Manual secondary backup system for additional peace of mind
600lb. handicap ramp weight capacity

Northstar AND Summit

Fully-powered accessible van ramp
11” drop FLEX Floor maximizes interior space and headroom for better maneuverability
Complete undercoating and rust proofing
PowerKneel system lowers the minivan to reduce ramp angle
Seamless integration with Dodge Grand Caravan vehicle electronics
Complete control through Dodge keyfob and interior switches
Removable front passenger and driver seat bases
No-skid wheelchair ramp surfacing
Complete crash testing and compliance with all government safety standards
3-year/36,000-mile warranty

Safety and the VMI Northstar

Selecting the options to include on a new vehicle can be a tedious process. But for Carl and his wife, Angie, of Dayton,Ohio, buying the VMI Honda Odyssey with Northstar in-floor ramp conversion was a clear choice.

“Our son, Conner, can’t fully articulate his needs and relies on his wheelchair to get around,” said Carl. “He really depends on us for everything. So, when it came time to buy a new vehicle, finding one that would keep him safe was our top priority.”

Nearly three years ago, the Pucketts began their search for a wheelchair accessible vehicle. Conner had just turned 6 and transferring him to and from their car was becoming more challenging. Among the biggest factors that impacted the Puckett’s decision was safety. While many of the wheelchair conversion vehicles featured ramp systems that were more affordable, Carl and Angie didn’t feel they offered the same level of safety they found in VMI’s Honda with Northstar conversion.

“We read and researched the safety, quality and long-time investment value of every manufacturer of a wheelchair accessible vehicle,” added Carl. “I spent hours, days and weeks researching and testing as many models as we could. We found different vehicles that fit what we needed – some were even more budget-friendly. But, our goal was to purchase a vehicle that was not only safe for Conner, but for the rest of our family as we are expecting our second child in May. We kept coming back to VMI’s Honda Odyssey.”

Despite some more economical options on the market, the Honda with Northstar conversion became the clear choice for the Pucketts. Among the Puckett’s concerns was the placement of the ramp inside the van. “We wondered if we were involved in an accident, where the fold out ramp might go; or if it could hit someone inside the cabin if the vehicle was hit,” said Carl.
Fortunately, the Puckett’s decision proved to be the right choice. On Friday, March 30, 2012, the Puckett’s worst fears were realized. While headed home from the office, Carl was broadsided on the passenger side by an oncoming vehicle traveling roughly 45 mph. Carl’s van rolled three times and ended up on the passenger’s side.

Carl's VMI Honda

“I was driving the van, and not my own car, because I took Conner to his therapist earlier in the afternoon and then dropped him off at school,” said Carl. “I was on my way home from work, and was the only one in the car, when I was hit. Because of the extent of the damage, the first responders decided to cut me out of the vehicle to alleviate any movement and ensure I could be removed safely.”

Carl was taken to the hospital, but miraculously only suffered minor cuts and bruises. A few days later, he and a family friend visited the wrecking yard to see the condition of his van. Carl was amazed.

Devastating Wreck

“I couldn’t believe what I saw,” he said. “Conner’s wheelchair was still locked in where he would have been sitting during the accident.”

His friend also pointed out that the wheelchair wasn’t only locked in, but hadn’t moved. Even though the floor was slightly buckled, the in-floor ramp system did not appear to have moved, nor was it detached or projected out the other side of the van. The front driver and passenger seats, which are removable, also remained locked in place.
“The van’s ramp and safety system worked as promised,” noted Carl. “Not only that, but all airbags deployed as they should. While I’m grateful none of my family was in the car with me, as I mentioned my wife is 7 months pregnant, I feel they would’ve still been safe. The VMI Northstar truly lived up to the safety standards that everyone should meet.”

Click here to see Carl’s video.

After the accident, the Pucketts were given a rental van until they could find a replacement for their Odyssey. “Driving the rental van, you could just tell a difference in the conversion and overall fit and finish of the vehicle. Nobody wants to be involved in a crash. But it only re-confirmed that the Honda Odyssey with VMI conversion was the best choice for our family. The fact that VMI can take a van completely apart and rebuild it with an in-floor ramp so that everything works just like it came from the factory is a testament to the quality of their van. And it’s the reason why we’re replacing our previous Honda with a new Honda VMI with a Northstar conversion.”


dodge grand caravan with vmi summit conversion

dodge summit

Dodge Grand Caravan Mobility Conversion Van

The Dodge Grand Caravan with VMI Summit mobility conversion van provides greater interior room than other folding mobility ramp vans. The exclusive Vantage Mobility International design allows for a folding wheelchair ramp system that creates this extra space.

For maximum security while entering the handicap vehicle conversion, side rails on the ramp have been raised 2 inches to prevent accidental roll-off. The entry angle of the ramp has also been reduced by the inclusion of Power Kneel.

VMI continues to distance themselves from their competition, and the VMI Northstar wheelchair vehicle conversion on a Dodge Grand Caravan continues this trend. VMI Summit mobility van conversion on the Dodge Grand Caravan minivan has played a major role in Vantage Mobility International's lineup for over 15 years. It is easy to see why because of the end-user access.

Dodge Grand Caravans offer a specific set of advantages over competitors wheelchair conversion vans. In fact, because the VMI Summit is available on the Express, Mainstreet, Crew, and R/T, there is a model that will work for almost any situation.

Special design configurations have been made in several areas of these wheelchair van conversions. The floor has been lowered 11 inches which provides 54" of headroom while entering. The front seating area has also been configured for disability access, meaning a disabled person can choose to ride in the front passenger position or even drive.

dodge summit van

Dodge folding ramp vans

The Summit folding wheelchair ramp van conversion on a Dodge Grand Caravan is an economical choice compared to the popular Northstar in-floor handicapped ramp conversion from VMI. Summit mobility ramps utilize siderails that are 2 inches tall. This is especially important for those with a hard time navigating an incline. VMI Summit handicapped accessible van on the Dodge Grand Caravan also includes an industry best access ramp length of only 48”.

The short handicap ramp provides two key advantages to VMI customers. First, passengers can easily use the Dodge handle for the sliding door and switches because the handicapped ramp is not covering them. Second, users in wheelchairs have more room to move on and off the ramp when other vehicles park too close.

Dodge Caravan with VMI Summit details and specifications:

Power Folding Wheelchair Ramp with Non-Skid Surface
Power Sliding Door with Easy Manual Operation
Maximum Interior Headroom
Undercoating and Complete Rust Proofing
Manual Backup Ramp Operation
Warranty - Mobiltiy Conversion Van
Fully Crash Tested
Remote Control Activation
600 Pound Load Rating for Handicap Ramp
9.7 Degree Handicap Ramp Angle
Maximum Floor Drop - 11"
Mobility Vehicle Ground Clearance - 5.5"
Door Opening Height - 54.25"
Usable Wheelchair Ramp Width - 28.75"
Handicap Ramp Length - 50.25"
Length from Back of Seats to Kickplate - 58"
Overall Floor Length - 85.5"
Floor Width at Doors - 61"
Interior Height at Center Position - 58.5"
Interior Height at Drivers & Passengers Position (Without Sunroof) - 57.25"
Steering Wheel Bottom to Floor - 29.5"
Measured Down from Front Edge of Steering Wheel to Front Kick-Up - 16.25

Summit Only

2” siderails help people with a disabilities stay on the ramp when coming in and out of the handicapped vehicle
When other vehicles park too close, 48” wheelchair ramp leaves wheelchair users more room to maneuver
By simply pushing outward on the handicapped ramp, it can be deployed for a safe exit in the event of a mechanical or power failure
Handicap ramp surface allows debris to fall through so it doesn't end up inside the wheelchair vehicle
Mobility ramp has a quiet cabin dut to an anti-rattle device
600lb. handicapped ramp rating

Northstar AND Summit

Fully-powered accessible ramp
11” drop FLEX Floor maximizes head clearance and interior space for maneuvering a wheelchair
Complete undercoating and rust proofing
PowerKneel system lowers the minivan to reduce wheelchair ramp angle
Total integration with Dodge systems prevents damage to vehicle/ conversion
Accessible van conversion is controlled through and interior sliding-door switches and Dodge keychain
Easy-out passenger and front driver seat stands
No-slip handicapped ramp
Total crash-testing and compliance with all government standards for safety
3-year/36,000-mile warranty

Dodge and Chrysler wheelchair minivans are our most popular models. For 2011 they have new interiors, an updated exterior, and a new V6 that offers significant improvements in both performance and fuel economy. They're offered in a wide range of configurations. Like all Automotive Innovations Bridgewater, MA vehicles, the 2011 Dodge and Chrysler wheelchair van was vigorously tested to meet or exceed all U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Check them out and, when you're ready, call Automotive Innovations in Bridgewater, MA at 508- 697-6006 to schedule a free, no-obligation mobility evaluation to find out which one is right for you.

Automotive Innovations, your adaptive dealer of Bridgewater, MA offers. products that are top-notch and we have the variety of mobility van conversions in stock to offer you all the choices you need from your number one wheelchair mobility vehicle adaptive dealer in New England.

We have been designing, engineering, selling and installing mobility equipment like hand controls, zero effort steering, servo steering, servo gas brake left foot gas pedals and installing them in Dodge vehicles for close to 25 years.

We offer a lifetime warranty on our installation. If you ever feel there is something wrong with your hand controls (even if we didn't install them) please come in for a free inspection by a certified mobility craftsman.

If your looking to have Chrysler Mobility Equipment expertly installed by Certified Mobility Technicians call 508-697-6006 Automotive Innovations Bridgewater, MA

How Do I Know Which Hand Controls, Left foot gas pedals and or Mobility Driving Equipment is Right for my Dodge?
Automotive Innovations Bridgewater, MA gives you a number of tools that will help you find the perfect Dodge accessible hand control or left foot gas pedal for in the New England area. We need your help to make us the top seller of hand controls in the Dodge New England area, we can provide handcontrol Chrysler safety information as well as additional information about extra features of our Chrysler mobility products. All you have to do is think about your ideal Dodge hand control, make a list of features, and look to Automotive Innovations for the installation of your Dodge mobility products at Dodge Massachusetts Automotive Innovations .We will find the one that fits the custom requirements of your Dodge.

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