Secondary Driving Controls

Secondary Driving Controls are those controls not related to the motion of the vehicle. (i.e. ignition, gear selection, parking brake, lights, windshield wipers, etc. All of these controls must be relocated to an accessible location for the disabled driver.

Automotive Innovations clients often have a reduced ability to operate items such as directionals, horn, high beams, and many other secondary controls. For over 20 years, we have been the leader in developing custom mobility solutions so our clients can safely drive their modified vehicle. Our modifications include simple extensions, flipper switches, stepping relays, timers, and many other products that allow any of the vehicles controls to be modified. Often, we set up full touch pads so that all of the functions can be operated from a single point switch interface that can be moved closer to the driver. Recent advances in technology have created solutions for many of these vital functions, thereby allowing more and more people to experience the independence of driving their own modified vehicle.

Here are the options for Secondary Driving Controls that we offer:

Ignition Starting | Lights Turn Signals/Hazards | Horn/Dimmer | Wipers | Cruise On/Set | Windows Locks | Electric Park Brake | Electric Shift | Left and Right Power Mirror Control

Crescent Voice ScanCrescent Industries Voice Scan Controls

The operation is simple:

Step 1 – Activate the scan by pushing the switch.
Step 2 – When the desired function is heard, activate the switch again and the function begins!!

Activate the switch and a voice (yours if you like) announces the functions. When the desired function is heard, activate the switch again to select the function. VoiceScan can be programmed in either one or two channel mode. The one channel mode allows all functions to be operated from a single switch, while the two channel mode allows for two priority functions. In either mode, VoiceScan can control up to 16 functions. Voice Scan is field programmable-it can be customized at your shop! And, like our Touch Pads and Elbow Pads, VoiceScan can be used with any vehicle function.

Crescent Command 1616 button pad

The Command 16 system builds on proven technology in adaptive driving while providing high reliability. It's progressive modular design provides ease of installation and customization. The Command 16 consists of three components: the console, the vehicle interface, and the relay packs. The Command 16 can be configures to control any device and will fit any vehicle.

Quick and Simple Installation
Installation is simply a matter of installing the relay packs, mounting the console, and plugging the system together.
Custom and Versatile
The Command 16 can control any function in anyh vehicle and is back-lit for night time operation.

Crescent Command 44 button pad

A four switch Elbow Console that contains four mechanical switches. The Command 4 can be any four functions of your choice. Common configurations are turn signals, horn and dimmer, or turn signals and wipers.
Remote Controls

We have remote controls for all lifts including:

Crow River
Crow River Vangater II
Remotes come standard with magnetic entry, but may be ordered with any combination of remote, magnetic entry, and front station.
Stand alone magnetic entry systems are also available for all lifts.

Electronic Gear Selection

Electronic Gear Selection allows the operator to push a button for a gear selection.

Voice Scan installed by Automotive Innovations Bridgewater, MA uses one to two targets or buttons to operate a multitude of functions within the vehicle while utilizing a verbal audible menu with advanced remote accessory controls including single touch and voice scan. The products are reliable and easily serviced, including a warranty that commits to customer satisfaction

Safe, Simple and Rugged. OEM Steering Wheel may remain in all vehicles, if placement of the servo steering wheel permits. Backup Power Steering System allows the user to steer if the engine shuts off, and is automatic. Customized orthotic adaptations and adjustable force and feedback are available to suit each application. Reduced-effort or Zero-effort force used to steer.

EGS Electric Gear Shifter Directly attaches to the OEM shifter hardware. Utilizes the OEM transmission control display on the vehicle's dash. Activated through several switching options.

Electronic Park Brake

Electric parking brake system offers enough torque to stop your vehicle when parking in steep areas or in an emergency situation. Activated through several switching options and can be located in any area that is most accessible to the user's range of motion.

We are committed to coming up with new and innovative mobility solutions to meet your adaptive mobility equipment needs in the New England Area!

Our electronic mobility controls have been enabling consumers in the New England Area with the ability to have a safe and independent driving system for more than 20 years

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