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Dodge and Chrysler Wheelchair Minivans

Dodge and Chrysler wheelchair minivans are our most popular models. For 2011 they have new interiors, an updated exterior, and a new V6 that offers significant improvements in both performance and fuel economy. They're offered in a wide range of configurations. Like all Automotive Innovations Bridgewater, MA vehicles, the 2011 Dodge and Chrysler wheelchair van was vigorously tested to meet or exceed all U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Check them out and, when you're ready, call Automotive Innovations in Bridgewater, MA at 508- 697-6006 to schedule a free, no-obligation mobility evaluation to find out which one is right for you.

Automotive Innovations, your adaptive dealer of Bridgewater, MA offers. products that are top-notch and we have the variety of mobility van conversions in stock to offer you all the choices you need from your number one wheelchair mobility vehicle adaptive dealer in New England.

We have been designing, engineering, selling and installing mobility equipment like hand controls, zero effort steering, servo steering, servo gas brake left foot gas pedals and installing them in Dodge vehicles for close to 25 years.

We offer a lifetime warranty on our installation. If you ever feel there is something wrong with your hand controls (even if we didn't install them) please come in for a free inspection by a certified mobility craftsman.

If your looking to have Chrysler Mobility Equipment expertly installed by Certified Mobility Technicians call 508-697-6006 Automotive Innovations Bridgewater, MA

How Do I Know Which Hand Controls, Left foot gas pedals and or Mobility Driving Equipment is Right for my Dodge?
Automotive Innovations Bridgewater, MA gives you a number of tools that will help you find the perfect Dodge accessible hand control or left foot gas pedal for in the New England area. We need your help to make us the top seller of hand controls in the Dodge New England area, we can provide handcontrol Chrysler safety information as well as additional information about extra features of our Chrysler mobility products. All you have to do is think about your ideal Dodge hand control, make a list of features, and look to Automotive Innovations for the installation of your Dodge mobility products at Dodge Massachusetts Automotive Innovations .We will find the one that fits the custom requirements of your Dodge.

Did you know that technological mobility advancements might now allow you to drive your Dodge, even if you need to drive with hand controls? If you are interested in this Chrysler Mobility technology, or any other specialized Chrysler features, please contact us about you Chrysler mobility requirements. Automotive Innovations Bridgewater Massachusetts's sells and or services brand new, hand controls for your Dodge, manufactured by top companies.

Our Certified Mobility Technicians can install your used hand controls in your used Dodge or Chrysler

We will alter your Dodge to suit your mobility needs, Automotive Innovations will help you find the perfect hand controls or Dodge mobility equipment and install it expertly for you.

Please call us 508-607-6006 with any of your Dodge Mobility questions and we will do our best to come up with Dodge mobility solutions for you.